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Buy Dell Laptops in Nepal, Dell laptops are among the most popular, in collaboration with Neoteric Nepal, Generation Next Communications. Dell’s lineup includes a wide range of products from high-end to low-end. The Dell authorized distributors in Nepal are Neoteric and Generation Next Communications, but their prices are exorbitant. There are only a few models available in Nepal.

As well as retail outlets, there are also online retailers. It varies from store to store how much a Dell laptop Price in Nepal. Despite this, Global Link Technology Pvt Ltd always strives to have the lowest prices. Not only that but there’s more. Quite a few complaints have been received about Dell Nepal’s customer service and service center. However, we ensure that our customers receive the best services possible.

In terms of Dell laptops, we have a complete line-up of Dell products available at Global Link Technology Pvt Ltd. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level Dell 3000 series, a mid-range Dell 5000 series, or an all-out premium Dell 7000 series, we have what you’re looking for.

Dell’s Inspiron 3000 laptops are intended for budget-conscious consumers looking for affordable computing devices. In order to make this possible, we have created some affordable yet capable computing devices for our customers. The Dell laptop price list will reveal all, just take a look at it.

Professionals who use their laptops for work typically choose Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptops. Laptops of this type are capable of running Microsoft Office programs, browsing the internet, and performing some simple tasks.

Dell Inspiron 5000 series laptops are suitable for mid-range professionals. Compared to the 3000-series laptops, these types of laptops have a better build quality, look premium, are more efficient, and can perform more tasks. The 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch laptop series are available in sizes that are ideal for college-level students, as well as professionals working in the office. There are also devices in the Dell 5000 series that is capable of gaming. Inspiron’s most premium devices are the Dell 7000 series, which is part of the Inspiron lineup.

Additionally, we have a great selection of gaming Dell G-series devices (Dell G5, Dell G3, etc.). Also available are top-notch Dell Alienware laptops. And how could we forget Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops, which are among the best laptops on the market?

There is a wide selection of Dell laptops for sale in Nepal today, meeting the needs of every laptop buyer at every price point. A few of the lines they offer include Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, and Gaming “G”. We have listed all available Dell laptops in Nepal along with their prices and availability in this article.

Dell Vostro Series

When Dell laptops were first introduced, the “Vostro” series became very popular, especially among corporate users. A lower demand and changing technology caused the company to temporarily discontinue the product in 2013.

The Dell Vostro laptop lineup is available for purchase in Nepal once again. The design is sleek and professional, and the specs are decent, with enhanced security features. The Vostro series has also been abandoned in Nepal by Global Link Technology.

ModelDisplayCPUGPURAMStorage Price
Vostro 14 340014″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7MX3308GB256GB SSDRs. 91,000 
Vostro 14 340114″ HDIntel i3-1005G1Intel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 60,040 
Vostro 15 350115.6″ HDIntel i3-1115G4Intel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 60,000
Vostro 15 350015.6″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 83,000
Vostro 15 351015.6″ FHDIntel i7-1165G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 115,000
Vostro 15 550215.6″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 110,990

Dell Inspiron 3000

Dell’s Inspiron 3000 series is entry-level in its Inspiron series of laptops. In other words, this tagline refers to the company’s most affordable laptops. These laptops usually have Intel UHD integrated graphics (or entry-level Nvidia GPUs) and four to eight gigabytes of RAM.

Processors with Tiger Lake-U architecture are available for 11th-generation computers. Young students and other individuals who require a laptop for basic web browsing, watching movies, and maintaining documents will benefit from the Inspiron 3000 series.

ModelDisplayCPUGPURAMStorage Price
Inspiron 15 350115.6″ FHDCore i3-1105G1Intel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 61,305
Inspiron 15 350115.6″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3504GB1TB HDDRs. 85,000
Inspiron 15 350115.6″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3308GB256GB SSDRs. 93,000
Inspiron 15 350115.6″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3308GB512GB SSDRs. 104,400 
Inspiron 15 350115.6″ FHDCore i7-1165G7MX3308GB512GBRs. 114,000 
Inspiron 15 351115.6″ FHDCore i3-1115G4Intel UHD4GB256GB SSDRs. 61,000
Inspiron 15 351115.6″ FHDCore i3-1115G4Intel UHD8GB256GB SSDRs. 67,000 
Inspiron 15 351115.6″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3504GB1TB HDDRs. 92,000
Inspiron 15 351115.6″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 93,000
Inspiron 15 351115.6″ FHDCore i7-1165G7MX3508GB512GB SSD
  • Rs. 124,000
  • 118,000 

Dell Inspiron 5000

These are Dell’s mid-range options for their Inspiron series of laptops, which replaces the 3000 series. Their performance and build quality are relatively better. The Inspiron 5000 series is an upgrade, but it is also suited to the same group of users as the previous series, such as students, entry-level programmers, and enterprise users.

Dell Inspiron 5000 series laptops with Intel or AMD processors are available in Nepal in 13, 14, 15, and 17 inch sizes. 

ModelDisplayCPUGPURAMStorage Price
Inspiron 13 531013.3″ QHDIntel Core i5-11300HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 121,000
Inspiron 13 531013.3″ QHDIntel Core i7-11370HIris Xe8GB512GB SSD
  • Rs. 136,000 
  • Rs. 142,405
Inspiron 13 539113.3″ FHDIntel Core i5-10210UMX2508GB512GB SSDRs. 115,000 
Inspiron 13 531013.3″ FHDIntel Core i5-11320HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 122,000
Inspiron 13 531013.3″ FHDIntel Core i7-11390HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 140,000
Inspiron 14 540214″ FHDCore i5-1135G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 119,000
Inspiron 14 541014″ FHDIntel Core i5-11320HIris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 107,000
Inspiron 14 541014″ FHDIntel Core i5-11320HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 131,000 
Inspiron 14 541014″ FHDIntel Core i7-11370HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 128,155 
Inspiron 14 5410 2-in-114″ FHD TouchIntel Core i5-1135G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 134,805 
Inspiron 14 5410 2-in-114″ FHD TouchIntel Core i5-1135G7MX3508GB512GB SSDRs. 134,805 
Inspiron 14 541514″ FHDRyzen 7 5700URadeon Vega 88GB512GB SSD

Rs. 115,000

Rs. 117,000

Inspiron 15 551015.6″ FHDIntel Core i5-11320HIris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 106,000
Inspiron 15 551015.6″ FHDIntel Core i5-11320HIris Xe8GB512GB SSD
  • Rs. 112,000 
  • Rs. 114,500
Inspiron 15 551015.6″ FHDIntel Core i7-11370HIris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 128,155
Inspiron 15 551015.6″ FHDIntel Core i7-11390HIris Xe8GB512GB SSD
  • Rs. 125,000 
  • Rs. 131,500
Inspiron 15 551515.6″ FHDRyzen 5 5500URadeon Vega 88GB256GB SSDRs. 85,000
Inspiron 15 562515.6″ FHDRyzen 7 5700URadeon Vega 88GB512GB SSD
  • Rs. 115,000. Rs. 116,755
Inspiron 16 562515.6″ FHDRyzen 7 5700URadeon Vega 88GB512GB SSDRs. 106,000
Inspiron 16 562515.6″ FHDRyzen 7 5700URadeon Vega 88GB512GB SSDRs. 122,000

Dell Inspiron 7000

Dell Inspiron 7000 series laptops are designed with sleek metallic bodies and luxurious finishes to emphasize a more powerful performance. This makes the Inspiron 7000 series more suitable for corporate users, enterprises, and other types of professionals.

These laptops are currently available from Global Link Technology and Neoteric. They all use Intel processors of the 10th and 11th generations or AMD Ryzen processors of the 4000 series. 

ModelDisplayCPUGPURAMStorage Price
Inspiron 13 730013.3″ FHDIntel i7-1165G7Intel Iris Xe16GB1TB SSDRs. 185,000
Inspiron 13 730613.3″ FHD TouchIntel i5-1135G7Intel Iris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 161,405
Inspiron 13 730613.3″ FHD TouchIntel i7-1165G7Intel Iris Xe16GB512GB SSDRs. 188,000
Inspiron 13 739113.3″ FHDIntel i5-10210UIntel UHD8GB256GB SSDRs. 118,000
Inspiron 13 739113.3″ FHDIntel i7-10510UMX2508GB512GB SSDRs. 148,000
Inspiron 14 7405 2-in-114″ FHDRyzen 5 4500URadeon8GB256GB SSDRs. 95,000
(New) Inspiron 14 7420 2-in-114″ FHD TouchIntel i5-1235UIntel Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 115,000
Inspiron 15 750115.6″ FHDIntel i5-10300HGTX 1650 Ti8GB512GB SSDRs. 147,000
Inspiron 15 7506 2-in-115.6″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Iris Xe12GB512GB SSDRs. 115,000

Dell Latitude Series

The Dell “Latitude” series is another business-oriented laptop lineup. The design of these is also more professional and the finish is excellent. This is a great option if you are one of the target consumers. I would strongly recommend you go for an Inspiron series with a dedicated GPU instead if the ones available in Nepal don’t quite cut it (especially for graphics).

Latitude 341014″ HDIntel i3-10110UIntel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 62,000
Latitude 342014″ HDIntel i5-1135G7Intel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 81,000
Latitude 14 342014″ HDIntel i5-1135G7Intel UHD8GB256GB SSDRs. 104,665
Latitude 14 541114″ FHDIntel i5-10300HIntel UHD8GB512GB SSDRs. 133,000
Latitude 15 351015.6″HDIntel i7-10210UIntel UHD4GB1TB HDDRs. 82,355
Latitude 15 351015.6″HDIntel i7-10510UIntel UHD8GB500GB HDDRs. 116,305
Latitude 542014″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Intel Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 124,355

Dell XPS Series

The Dell XPS (Xtreme Performance System) convertible laptop line is one of the most well-regarded Windows laptop lineups in the world. The small, compact, lightweight, and portable design provides high-performance capability. 

The compact design makes it less suitable for tasks like video editing and playing AAA titles, despite its price suggesting otherwise. There are three screen sizes available for XPS laptops: 13, 15, and 17 inches. They feature the latest processors and fantastic keyboards. Currently, Nepal does not offer the 17″ variant.

XPS 13 739013.3″ FHDIntel i7-10710UIntel UHD8GB256GB SSDRs. 155,000
XPS 13 931013.4″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Iris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 240,000
XPS 13 931013.4″ 3.5K OLED TouchIntel i7-1185G7Iris Xe16GB512GB SSDRs. 255,000
XPS 13 930513.3″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Iris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs. 173,000
XPS 13 930513.3″ FHDIntel i7-1165G7Iris Xe16GB512GB SSDRs. 265,000
XPS 13 930513.3″ UHD TouchIntel i7-1165G7Iris Xe16GB512GB SSDRs. 261,155 
XPS 15 951015.6″ FHDIntel i7-11800HIris Xe16GB1TB SSDRs. 320,000
XPS 15 9500 (2020)15.6″ FHDIntel i5-10300HIntel UHD88GB512GB SSDRs. 174,000
XPS 15 9500 (2020)15.6″ FHDIntel i7-10750HGTX 1650 Ti16GB512GB SSDRs. 234,800
XPS 15 9500 (2020)15.6″ 4K UHD TouchIntel i7-10875HGTX 1650 Ti16GB512GB SSDRs. 288,800

Dell Gaming Laptops Price in Nepal

The gaming laptop market has been booming for quite some time, and Dell couldn’t leave it unattended. Gaming laptops from the company’s ‘G’ series come in three different designs & performance levels: “G3”, “G5”, and “G7”.

As for gaming needs, Dell G series laptops come with powerful GPUs and decent processors. NVIDIA GTX, RTX, and AMD RX graphics laptops are available in Nepal from Dell. Also available are a few Alienware gaming laptops.

ModelDisplayCPUGPURAMStorage Price
G5 15 5505 202015.6″ FHD 120HzRyzen 9 4900HRX 5600M16GB512GB SSDRs. 215,245 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 120HzIntel i5-10200HGTX 16508GB256GB SSDRs. 118,000
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 165HzIntel i7-10870HRTX 306016GB512GB SSDRs. 179,999
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 165HzIntel i7-11800HRTX 3050 Ti16GB512GB SSDRs. 170,000 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 120HzIntel i5-11260HRTX 305016GB512GB SSDRs. 135,000 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 120HzIntel i5-11400HRTX 30508GB256GB SSDRs. 124,000 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 120HzIntel i7-11800HRTX 30508GB512GB SSDRs. 164,000
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 120HzIntel i7-11800HRTX 3050 Ti8GB512GB SSDRs. 172,000 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 165HzIntel i7-11800HRTX 306016GB512GB SSDRs. 195,000 
G5 15 202115.6″ FHD 165HzRyzen 7 5800HRTX 306016GB512GB SSDRs. 195,000
Alienware M15 R315.6” 300HzIntel i7-10750HRTX 2070 SUPER16GB512GB SSDRs. 310,000 

Laptops for all kind of budget

Do you need a budget laptop from the Dell Brand? It can be difficult to decide which laptop to buy with so many options on the market. To help you make an informed choice, Global Link has categorized all kinds of Budget Laptops in Nepal along with product descriptions, specifications, reviews, ratings, photos, etc. You can browse the list of budget laptops at Global Link and choose the one that is right for you.

Dell Laptops at the Best Price in Nepal

As a result of laptops making life easier and allowing us to easily perform complex system-related tasks, they have become the norm. Laptops can be purchased in Nepal at a variety of prices. The Dell brand is another one that deserves consideration since it designs laptops that satisfy the demands of its users with great features and flawless performance, as well as being available at the best price in Nepal. It is therefore important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct Dell laptop online. you can buy all types of Dell laptops at the lowest and most affordable prices on Global Link Technology.