Xerox Photocopy Machine Price in Nepal

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The main function of a photocopier is to produce paper copies of a document. Most photocopiers use laser technology, a dry process that uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to transfer toner onto paper to form an image.

Buy Xerox Machine in Nepal
Buy Xerox Machine in Nepal

Xerox WorkCentre 7855 A3 Multifunction Printer

WorkCentre 7855 produces Xerox’s award-winning vibrant inks and delivers 55 pages per minute, providing an impressive 300,000 images per month duty cycle. In addition, it produces high-quality documents with 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution and color accuracy.

Using this MFP copier, you can access the printer’s control panel from any workstation in the workplace, which makes it convenient for mobile professionals to access the machine’s features from anywhere.

This is one of the easiest cpanels to use around, with its simple and easy-to-follow touch screen menus.

This model in the 7800 series comes with additional software that allows wireless printing from any computer or mobile device.

Using this software, you can print jobs effortlessly to any network printer, even non-Xerox machines, thus making your office a smarter, more productive place.

Xerox WorkCentre 7855 Specification

  1.  A3 Multifunction
  2.  Auto Duplex
  3.  1200 x 2400 dpi Resolution
  4.  3000 MB RAM
  5.  55ppm Colour/55ppm Mono
  6.  3140 Sheet Paper Tray
  7.  USB/Network Connections

Xerox Machine Multipurpose B7025/ B7030/ B7035

The Xerox Versalink 7000 Series multifunction printer is suitable for any work environment, whether you are setting up a new workplace or adding to an existing one. It comes with the ConnectKey solution that makes setup fast and easy for administrators.

Despite popular belief, printers/copiers are complex machines that require tedious research and evaluation. Because of their basic functionality, it’s easy to get fooled into believing any printer will do.

We’ve seen this general misconception backfire on customers who were misled by the seeming simplicity of printers and ended up paying more than they would’ve paid if they simply bought the right machine.

Standard functionsCopy, Email, Print, ScanCopy, Email, Print, ScanCopy, Email, Print, Scan
Optional functionsWalkup Fax, Xerox Integrated RFID Card ReaderWalkup Fax, Xerox Integrated RFID Card ReaderWalkup Fax, Xerox Integrated RFID Card Reader
Recommended monthly print volumeUp to 13,000 pagesUp to 15,000 pagesUp to 17,000 pages
Duty cycleUp to 107,000 images/monthUp to 129,000 images/monthUp to 153,000 images/month
First-page-out time, copyingAs fast as 6.8 secondsAs fast as 5.4 secondsAs fast as 5.4 seconds
First-page-out time, printingAs fast as 10.4 secondsAs fast as 9.1 secondsAs fast as 9.1 seconds
Two-sided outputStandardStandardStandard
AccountingNetwork Accounting, Xerox Standard AccountingNetwork Accounting, Xerox Standard AccountingNetwork Accounting, Xerox Standard Accounting
Power consumptionOperating: 1,100 W
Standby: 83 W
Power save: as low as 0.80 W
Operating: 1,100 W
Standby: 83 W
Power save: as low as 0.81 W
Operating: 1,100 W
Standby: 83 W
Power save: as low as 0.77 W

How it works

  1. Charging: cylindrical drum is electrostatically charged by a high voltage wire called a corona wire or a charge roller. The drum has a coating of a photoconductive material. A photoconductor is a semiconductor that becomes conductive when exposed to light.
  2. Exposure: A bright lamp illuminates the original document, and the white areas of the original document reflect the light onto the surface of the photoconductive drum. The areas of the drum that are exposed to light become conductive and therefore discharge to the ground. The area of the drum not exposed to light (those areas that correspond to black portions of the original document) remains negatively charged.
  3. Developing: The toner is positively charged. When it is applied to the drum to develop the image, it is attracted and sticks to the areas that are negatively charged (black areas), just as paper sticks to a balloon with a static charge.
  4. Transfer: The resulting toner image on the surface of the drum is transferred from the drum onto a piece of paper that has an even greater negative charge than the drum has.
  5. Fusing: The toner is melted and bonded to the paper by heat and pressure rollers.
  6. A negative photocopy inverts the colors of the document when creating a photocopy, resulting in letters that appear white on a black background instead of black on a white background. Negative photocopies of old or faded documents sometimes produce documents that have better focus and are easier to read and study.

Xerox Machine Price in Nepal

Xerox Machine ModelPrice in Nepal
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model 7855Rs. 379,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model 7835Rs. 354,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model 7830Rs. 341,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model B7025 (2 Tray Stand)Rs. 375,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model B7030Rs. 395,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model B7035Rs. 465,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model B1025 DuplexRs. 185,000
Multipurpose Xerox Machine Model B1025 SingleRs. 145,000

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